Demographics of Bucks County, Pennsylvania: A Comprehensive Overview

Bucks County, Pennsylvania is a bustling area with a population of 645,054 people. Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, it is surrounded by Northampton County to the north, Montgomery County to the west, Philadelphia to the south, and the state of New Jersey to the west. With an area of 608 square miles of land and 15.8 square miles of water, Bucks County is the fourth most populated county in Pennsylvania out of a total of 67 counties. The chart below shows the stock breakdown of the major industries for residents of Bucks County. Although some of these residents may live in Bucks County and work elsewhere, the largest universities in the area by number of degrees awarded are Bucks County Community College (1,041 or 40.6%), University of the Delaware Valley (475 or 18.5%) and Strayer University of Pennsylvania (356 or 13.9%).Over the past 50 years, some counties have merged or divided, and the resulting data has been redistributed to other counties.

But Bucks County should be aware that Delaware County (with 575,182 inhabitants) and Lancaster County (with 556,629 inhabitants) are right behind them. Bucks County is a vibrant area with a rich history and culture. It is home to many universities and businesses that provide employment opportunities for its residents. With its diverse population and strong economy, Bucks County is an ideal place to live and work.

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