The Best Places to Raise a Family in Bucks County

Bucks County, Pennsylvania is a great place to start a family. With its rich history, storybook streets, and charming towns, it's no wonder why so many families choose to call it home. From Doylestown to Yardley, here are the five most family-friendly communities in Bucks County that you should consider.


is a great option for families with children.

It's home to many attractions for kids, including the magical Children's Castle, a wooden play structure that looks like something out of a fairy tale. Foodies will love the abundance of great restaurants, and there are plenty of locally owned retail options in the city center. Plus, Doylestown is known for its safe and clean environment.

Newtown Grant

is another great choice for young professionals looking for a suburban atmosphere. There are many individual homes, townhouses, and condominiums that fit any size family.

Residents consider it quiet and safe, and there are plenty of parks and bike trails to explore.


is an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts. It's full of lush parks and has a beautiful stream running through it. Plus, there's a strong network of sidewalks and bike trails that connect the community.

New Hope

is a vibrant neighborhood with a thriving gay scene. With less than 3,000 residents, this charming little town has a bustling main street full of local shops and restaurants that attract visitors from all over the area.

Many of the houses here are second homes or vacation rentals.


is an established Bucks County destination that was recently listed as one of the best places in the country to live with your family and start a new life. Established by Quaker minister William Yardley in the late 17th century, Yardley has kept its old-fashioned charm. Whether you're looking for a new place to live or just want to explore a new city, Bucks County has something for everyone. Mighty Dog Roofing has been proudly serving Bucks County for more than 20 years and is here to meet all your roofing needs.

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